Events in the Neighbourhood

We felt it was time to share some of the amazing things that happen in, and around, our neighbourhood. We’ve taken a guideline of within half-an-hour’s drive as ‘the neighbourhood’. You are surely going to find something that will pique your interest, and maybe even tempt you to come and spend a weekend in the country. Some of these events/courses book out really fast, so if you are interested early booking is advised (links provided where possible).

I am sure there will be more to add, so do drop by again to see if there is something that attracts you.

Obviously with the current pandemic situation, we have no idea if any of these courses/events will, or can, happen. We have, in fact, moved a version of our own pig rearing course to ‘on-line’.

Maybe next year will be more ‘normal’ and we will be able to share lots of events!

Recurring Events:

Birr Theatre runs an amazingly diverse range of events. Over the years we have attended many plays and music gigs. The best was probably Jerry Fish and the MudBug Club.

If antiques or vintage are your thing, check out Purcell Auctioneers. They hold monthly on-line specialist auctions on Wednesday evenings.

Or if you prefer more activity, there are lots of walks through and around the Slieve Blooms.

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