Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Lots of people have been asking how we cook our Christmas ham.

We thought about issuing a recipe sheet with each order ….. but in the interest of the environment here is how we cook our ham.

If the ham is frozen – allow 24 – 36 hours in the fridge for it to defrost.

If we have a ham left for ourselves (we are often left without!) we tend to cook our ham on Christmas Eve for three reasons – it takes the pressure off for Christmas Day, it generates lovely Christmassy smells on Christmas Eve, and it is nice to make a sandwich for Santa!

There is no need to soak our hams.  They can be cooked straight up.

Weigh your ham.

Put ham in pot and cover with a half and half mix of water and good quality pure apple juice (no sweet stuff) or cider, or if you have home-made apple beer all the better!  Bring to the boil and cook for 20 minutes per lb.

Next day, remove skin and apply your preferred glaze.

We use a honey based glaze and usually bbq the ham!

But for those who prefer the more conventional methods of cooking on Christmas Day.  Warm the ham through for about 20/30 minutes in the oven.  Take it out.  Apply the glaze and put it back in the oven for another 20/30 minutes. (This can all be done while your turkey is resting.)

Carve and enjoy!


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4 Responses to Oldfarm Christmas Ham

  1. Finbar Tallon says:

    Hi from West Cork

    As a fellow Biggreenegger ..not too many on the ground here … I got mine about ten years ago from Limerick ..luxury living they called themselves then and love it as much as you.. Smoked turkey is also amazing.. Will fire it up for the ham..
    Nice Apple wood I think..what’s your preference?
    Anyway we are downsized family wise but would love to order a ham and a nice roast pork for the festive season please… Ham around 4 kg or so and pork joint about half that size..
    Delivery for 22nd or 23 rd
    Please advise how to progress order
    And some nice streaky rashers also svp

    Many thanks

    Finbar Tallon
    West Cork

    • Margaret says:

      Hi Finbar,

      Yes totally agree with you regarding the Egg! Life would definitely not be complete without one! I’m guessing it was Liam & Caroline you bought from… they are now called A Room Outside. We fascinated our family by doing the turkey on the Egg a couple of years back…. they were totally sceptical…. however, they still talk about how delicious it was!

      I’ve good news and bad news for you…. we are absolutely totally out of hams! None left, not even for ourselves! We have bacon joints but they are all small. We have pork joints and rashers though so that’s the good news.

      We would have to deliver earlier than 22/23rd. Our last day for shipping is 18th, and in fact, I would prefer to make 18th last day for delivery…. I never trust couriers on the last Friday before Christmas!!!


  2. Maria O' Carroll says:

    Hi Margaret,

    Interested in ordering a Christmas Ham and some bacon. How should I proceed?

    Best wishes,

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