Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Oldfarm Christmas Ham

Lots of people have been asking how we cook our Christmas ham.

We thought about issuing a recipe sheet with each order ….. but in the interest of the environment here is how we cook our ham.

If the ham is frozen – allow 24 – 36 hours in the fridge for it to defrost.

If we have a ham left for ourselves (we are often left without!) we tend to cook our ham on Christmas Eve for three reasons – it takes the pressure off for Christmas Day, it generates lovely Christmassy smells on Christmas Eve, and it is nice to make a sandwich for Santa!

There is no need to soak our hams.  They can be cooked straight up.

Weigh your ham.

Put ham in pot and cover with a half and half mix of water and good quality pure apple juice (no sweet stuff) or cider, or if you have home-made apple beer all the better!  Bring to the boil and cook for 20 minutes per lb.

Next day, remove skin and apply your preferred glaze.

We use a honey based glaze and usually bbq the ham!

But for those who prefer the more conventional methods of cooking on Christmas Day.  Warm the ham through for about 20/30 minutes in the oven.  Take it out.  Apply the glaze and put it back in the oven for another 20/30 minutes. (This can all be done while your turkey is resting.)

Carve and enjoy!


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