Post-Covid Procedures

We have decided to re-open from 10th August. It will be a ‘cautious’ re-opening, and we will monitor government guidelines closely.

As we move into the new ‘normal’ we would like to reassure you of the procedures we have introduced to ensure your safety during your stay here at Oldfarm.

Instant Book

This feature (specifically related to AirBnB) has been removed. We have decided that for your safety and ours it is best if we can ‘approve’ guests stays. We will be restricting stays of guests from ‘high risk’ countries. This will be reviewed as we move along.

Our Rooms

Again for everyone’s safety we will be implementing a 48 hour gap between stays in each room. Rooms will be fully aired, thoroughly cleaned (obviously) and disinfected between each stay. Unfortunately, all soft furnishings, books and tourism leaflets will be removed from the rooms. It is sad that we have to do this, but it is accordance with guidelines, i.e. remove touch points.

Hand Sanitiser

We will position hand-sanitisers at strategic points in the house.


Those who have visited before will know that we serve breakfast in the dining room with guests chatting together over tea and coffee. Now that we have to implement social distancing, we will have to stagger breakfast times. You will be offered a designated breakfast time each day… your breakfast will still consist of lovely home grown, organic produce, cooked to order.


We are still trying to figure out how we can maintain the dinner option. If the weather is good, we could all sit outside, and of course, make use of the new pizza/clay oven. More details on this as we figure it all out.

The Guest

Obviously we can only do as much as we can, so there will be an onus on the guest taking responsibility for their own and our safety.

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