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28th June 2020

Thank you to Agriland for featuring us as we prepare for post-Covid re-opening.

24th June 2017

Great article and a great read in Irish Times …. we feature too!

4th June 2017

Thank you to Gillian Neilus for the great mention in the Sunday Business Post!

Article in Sunday Business Post

April 2017

And we featured in the Sunday Independent too!!!

We featured in Agriland this weekend!  Have a read of – the story of us!

August 2016

This wild food foraging event will be taking place right here in our local village as a pre-cursor to Heritage Week.  We’ve attended a Wild Food foraging course with Wild Food Mary before and they are really fun and informative.  Spread the word, and be sure to come along.

Wild Food Foraging

Wild Food Foraging

January 2016

Delighted to be featured on Deb’s list of suppliers :  Thank you!

November 2015

Many thanks to Katy McGuinness for the mention in The Sunday Times.

May 2015

It has been an extremely busy month here with Jemima, the Gloucester Oldspot, having her babies and Molly (our Muscovy Duck) also having babies.  There are lots of videos of the ducklings on our YouTube channel 🙂

December 2015

We had a double-page spread, together with other small producers, in The Irish Daily Mail.  The article featured various producers who were bringing Christmas dinner to your plate.

The Irish Daily Mail

The Irish Daily Mail

November 2014

Alfie made his TV debut last night 🙂 on RTE1’s Taste of Success 

August 2014

Folks, we can now offer you the most delicious honey ever!  Yes, straight from Redwood…. tastes of elderberry, hawthorn…. just totally delicious… why not add some to your pork order?

Oldfarm Honey

Oldfarm Honey

More great news this month…. our blog – – has been shortlisted in the Blog Awards Ireland 2014 🙂

Just love the ingenuity of our customers – they’ve been upcycling their delivery boxes 🙂

Maja's planter

June 2014

We’ve been busy and haven’t had time to post newsletters!  However, we’re back in action…. read here.

February 2014

Our first newsletter of 2014…. enjoy the read 🙂

January 2014

Just thought we’d share some lovely comments we had from folks who enjoyed our ham and pork over Christmas.

  • I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the ham and pork over Christmas.  It was, as always, delicious.  Will definitely go for a bigger ham next year.  It was gone by St Stephen’s Day and they were gagging for more! Patricia
  • Emily said: Ham was outstanding  have some in the freezer!
  • Keith commented: Ham was superb! Keeping some for new year.
  • Georgie said:  had the slow roast shoulder of pork on Steven’s day it was divine.

September 2013

Did you miss our September newsletter?  You can read it here.

Thank you to the folks at Farmers Feed Families for including us in the Like Food? Love Farmers! campaign.  It is a really lovely article.

August 2013

We’re in the Irish Farmers Journal 🙂

Feature in Irish Farmers Journal

And we featured on

1st August – Zack Gallagher of Irish Food Guide did a lovely feature on us over on his blog.

July 2013

Check out this really lovely article about our ‘free-range q mark’ as featured on

Monday, 15th – and look what arrived in the post!  Very proud!

Bord Bia Q Mark

Bord Bia Q Mark

June 2013

We’re having a 1 day sale of pork to make way for new ‘stock’.  Tuesday 26th June you can order your pork at €10 a kg and we will deliver later next week. Check out full details here –

We had the launch of the Tweeting Farmers campaign here.  Each week over the summer a different farmer will tweet about his daily life…. all part of the initiative of Farmers Feed Families.  Alfie was curator for the first week, and I’m doing the job for the week starting 17th June.  We were also interviewed for RTE’s Countrywide programme – listen in here

Tweeting farmers

Tweeting farmers

May 2013

Neven Maguire was in Roscrea recently doing a demo, he sampled some of our pork which he enjoyed and we sent him home with a tub of lard!

Chef Neven Maguire with us both

There we are with Neven Maguire 🙂

When Caitriona from Wholesome Ireland came on a recent visit, she did an interview with me for The Sod Show.  Have a listen here, we talk about pig farming and blogging!

It was an honour to be asked to contribute to the Nicholas Mosse blog.

April 2013

Some wonderful chefs across the country have been doing some wonderful things with our free-range pork.

age of free-range pork dishes

Sit back and enjoy a read of our April Newsletter

Look what Sean at Seagrass Restaurant has done with our pork belly.  A true work of art.

Slow braised pork belly with sweet potato and spinach gratin, red onion and chilli jam & apple & cinnamon jus

Slow braised pork belly with sweet potato and spinach gratin, red onion and chilli jam & apple & cinnamon jus

March 2013

A lovely review of our pig-rearing course:

Lots happening here in March – a competition to win a box of pork, planting of trees, pig-rearing course, pigs for sale and lots more March Update

February 2013

We are having a competition over on our blog – A Year in Redwood.  Do you have a favourite bacon recipe to share?  A box of pork/bacon is up for grabs.  Do enter!

Our newsletter of what is happening around here the past month.

And major thank you once again to our friends, Ron and Mona, over at WiseWords for the lovely mention in their column in The Sunday Times.

January 2013

We are honoured to once again be featured on the ‘best food finds’ list for 2012.  Thanks to all who voted for us and thanks to Zack at Irish Food Guide for compiling the list! 🙂

December 2012

29th December  Nice end to the year – thanks to Aisling Hussey at Country Living magazine for giving coverage of the Freerange Q Mark.

Free range Q Mark

1st December  Tom Doorley has once again honoured us with a lovely mention in his Saturday column in the Irish Daily Mail.  Thank you!

Tom Doorley, Irish Daily Mail

November 2012

23rd November   Look what arrived in the post!  We have been completely blown away to have been awarded such approval for our pork!  Thank you to John and Sally McKenna.

McKenna's Guides have awarded us Best in Ireland 2013

9th November  A lovely article in Irish Country Living about the city girl, becoming a country girl!

Irish Country Living

October 2012

27th October  Featured in the local newspapers!  Both the Midland Tribune and Nenagh Guardian covered our Lifestyle Blog 2012 win at the Blog Awards Ireland, as did the online Tipp Tatler (which will probably be easier to read than the photos below!)

 Midland Tribune articlearticle in Nenagh Guardian

18th October  We were honoured to be chosen as the Irish Business of the day by Irish Enterprise…. lots of chat with new people!

13th October We won!  Yes, our blog A Year in Redwood – there’s a link over there
won Best Lifestyle Blog 2012 at the Blog Awards Ireland….. so pleased and thrilled 🙂   Why not stop by the blog and sign up to get the regular updates?

August 2012

31st August – Once again Lily from My Mexican Shop used our pork at her demo at the Electric Picnic.  She is our favourite sales rep! 🙂

Lily from My Mexican Shop

26th August – we had a wonderful afternoon here with our ‘burgerton’ shared with friends.

23rd August – Thank you to Lily of My Mexican Shop who used our pork in her demonstration of Mexican Street Food during the Tall Ships visit to Dublin.

Lily of My Mexican Shop prepares Conchinita Pibil

3rd August – we were delighted to be one of the local producers featured in the Anniversary Dinner celebrating 50 years of the County Arms Hotel in Birr

July 2012

11th July – The lovely WiseMona has given us a mention in her column in Galway Now! Thank you once again!

10th July – We’ve created a YouTube playlist of short videos of some of the aspects of our lives! 🙂

8th July – Check out this lovely blog post from Maggie at Food Born and Bred on her visit here.

June 2012

Have a read, and of course, try the recipe from the lovely Lily who wrote a lovely piece on her blog about our pork.

And we are so proud to be listed on Georgina Campbell’s Ireland…. thank you guys!

We’ve got a giveaway over on the blog…. win a copy of The Chef & I…. all you have to do is leave a comment…. go on, you know you want to! 🙂

May 2012

20th May – Sunday Times – Mona & Ron gave us a lovely mention in their new weekly column.  Check out their Pork Schnitzel. Thank you guys!

6th May – Sunday Times – it feels like we’ve become ‘international celebrities’!

Article in Sunday Times, 6th May 2012

Article in Sunday Times, 6th May 2012


1st May  – Jemima has babies!

stripey piggies

April 2012

30th April – Lorna over at interviewed me on how we use social media to promote our business.  Here’s her review

14th April – A lovely article which appeared in the Country Living Magazine in the Farmers Journal.

Article in Irish Country Living

8th April – Pork that’s crackling with flavour!  That was the title on an article written by Gillian Nelis about our pork in the Sunday Business Post – Tried and tasted column.  Thank you, Gillian!

article in Sunday Business Post

Pork that’s crackling with flavour

March 2012

Check out this article about us which featured on DPN Live !

Thank you to Seagrass Restaurant in Portobello, Dublin for the lovely mention of our pork on their website.

Screen Shot from

February 2012

Thank you to Lisa (NenaghGal) for giving us a great mention in her article ‘My Home Town’ in Easy Food Magazine.

Mention in Easy Food Magazine

Christmas 2011

Take a look at Margaret’s (@Foodie_4_u) delicious looking ham.

Ham on carving boardIf any other customers have photos of their hams…. please send them on! We’d love to see them!

12th November 2011

Sharon Ni Conchuir (who we know as @sharondingle on Twitter) wrote an article in today’s Irish Examiner about alternative Christmas dinners…. and she included our madness – cooking the turkey on the barbecue!  Thank you Sharon.

A photograph of Alfie and I in the Irish ExaminerOr read the full article

20th October 2011

Thank you to Lorraine Griffith for lovely article in In Business (the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland magazine) about how we use social media to sell our free range Irish Pork.

18th October 2011

A lovely review of a day trip here… thank you!

14th September 2011

We are supporting the Campaign for Raw Milk which is working to prevent the outright ban of the sale of Raw Milk proposed by the Irish Government.  Are you?  Copy the logo and post it on your site too!

Campaign for Raw Milk logo

1st September 2011

Check out this feature I did on using Social Media for our business which is featured by Bloggertone.  As they say it is ‘not about the numbers’, our Irish free-range pork customers like to get involved in conversation!

26th August 2011

Thank you to Yvonne in Country Living of the Irish Farmers’ Journal for writing this wonderful article, about how we came about to be in the business of selling free range Irish pork.

Farmers Journal August 201111th August 2011

More media coverage! Thank you to the National College of Ireland for the opportunity!

Photo of me on front of Irish Independent

23rd July 2011

Thank you to Aoife of @icanhascook for this lovely mention of us in her column in Irish Independent.

Article from Irish Independent 23rd July

19th July 2011

In case you missed it! My debut TV appearance on TV3’s Ireland AM this morning. 🙂

18th July 2011

One week later…. look at these guys… I reckon this guy is smiling at camera!

One week old piglet

10th July 2011

New arrivals… these guys are just hours old 🙂new piglets suckling

27th June 2011

Major thanks due once again to Tom Doorley, Food Critic with the Irish Daily Mail for this wonderful endorsement of our pork in last Saturday’s edition! Thank you!Daily Mail Saturday 25th June 2011

20th May 2011

As we continue to build our website, we need more photographs, so we thought we’d have a little competition!  Send us your photograph of any of our pork, or bacon, that you have cooked.

Submitting photographs means you agree to us using them on the website (you will be credited).  There will be a prize.  So get clicking!

3rd April 2011

Our night out as ‘food critics’ on The Restaurant (RTE 1) was aired last night!

8th January 2011

Thank you to Tom Doorley for a great mention in his article in the Irish Daily Mail on Saturday last.

9th December 2010

We are optimistic that we will be able to start deliveries tomorrow.  So first up it will be deliveries to Limerick, Tipperary and East Galway!

29th November 2010

Sorry deliveries to Dublin postponed until Thursday/Friday due to adverse weather conditions!

25th November 2010

A great mention from Caroline Hennessy in her article on ‘foodie’ Christmas presents in today’s Irish Times Supplement.

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