BBQ Pork Shank

This started out as an experiment by @pigoftheday on the barbecue, it turned out so delicious, I think it will become a regular!

(A note from @pigoftheday – “I am spoiled for a number of reasons – I grow my own totally free-range pork, and it is clean meat (no GMO’s or antibiotics).  They are fed only barley and vegetables, dry cured for 14/16 days before being butchered.  I also have an orchard and make my own apple drinks.  And finally, I own a Big Green Egg which is fantastic to cook on.)


  • Pork shank – on the bone – about 4 lbs/1.8 kg. (Use free-range or organic if possible)
  • Apple beer or cider or apple wine
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Paprika (sweet or smoked)
  • Brown Sugar


Score the skin for crackling.

Inject the meat all over with your choice of apple beer, wine or juice.

inject apple beer

Leave it to sit in a cool place (top of fridge …. inside it silly) for at least 6 hours or overnight.

Prior to next bit, light your bbq which must be capable of indirect cooking.  Initial cooking temperature target is 320 C/600 F.

Thoroughly dry the skin of the shank very, very carefully.  Rub the salt – don’t be shy with the salt – well into the skin and down into the crackling scores.  Now sprinkle with the crushed pepper and paprika.  The quantities of pepper/paprika is up to you.  And the sugar is optional.


Timing: 40/45 minutes per lb.

Place the meat on a cooking rack above a drip pan/tray on the bbq.  Close the lid.  Bring the temperature back to 320 C for 15 minutes.  Then reduce temperature to 150 C for remaining time.

Let the shank reach in internal temperature of 180 C.

Remove from bbq and let sit for 10 mins. prior to carving.

pork shank cooked on bbq

I served with Patatas Bravas – the combination worked very well.

Wine was a 2008 Rioja.


2 Responses to BBQ Pork Shank

  1. Nenaghgal says:

    Looks delicious you two!! Must try ourselves.

  2. I suppose you mean an internal temperature of 80°C? Looks good bro! Gonna make something similar today!

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