Experience for Hire

Would you like to hire us?  Would you like to avail of our many (almost too many) years of experience in various fields?

Do you have a product or service that you would like reviewed?  If Alfie and I consider it does ‘fit’ with what we do here, we will happily review and give an honest opinion of what we thought – both good and bad.

If you have a product that fits into a smallholding scenario – cooking, growing, gardening, pig farming, hen and duck rearing – do give us a call or send an email and we can talk further.  We are happy to review all sorts from tools to wellies, from fencing to machinery (Alfie is the engineer so I’ll leave him to report on the tools and the machinery!)

Margaret is happy to write sponsored content and post on her blog (ayearinredwood.com) – but again will only do so in a fair and honest way – expressing her own opinions, and always fully disclosing that it is a sponsored post.

Margaret also delivers talks/seminars and workshops on social media to small business owners. The talks and workshops focus on blogging and/or the usage of social media to promote your brand. By using real life examples such as Oldfarm Pork, and our blog, she will demonstrate the results and achievements that have been gained.

Margaret can, and does, update/maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts on behalf of clients.  Do call if you’d like help with maintaining your social media platforms.

You should also talk to Margaret if you need assistance with content writing for your website.

Alfie delivers regular pig-rearing courses here at Oldfarm.  However, if you are a group of allotment owners, or a community gardening group, with extra space and are thinking of working together to raise your own free-range pork – he can, and is willing, to travel to your venue to deliver training and inspect your site.

Margaret and Alfie are both qualified trainers.

Bear in mind that all of the above are part of how we make our living, please respect this.  We have to charge.  Don’t expect that we will offer training and advice, or promote your event, product or service for free.  We too need to earn a living.



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