Free-range Pork

Our animals have access to the outdoors at all times, this means they get plenty of exercise, they forage and root, eating a natural diet.  To supplement their diet our pigs are also fed a selection of locally grown barley (with no gm additives), excess vegetables from a local market gardener and, seaweed, molasses and whey when we can source it.

In Grass

Lots of grass = happy pig

We are passionate about feeding all our stock – hens, ducks, pigs, cats and dogs – a gmo free diet.  If you’ve visited us at all, you will know that we strictly adhere to this.  We check the source of all feed.

So natural rooting about, organic whey, vegetables, seaweed and barley…. how’s that for a healthy diet? It produces naturally delicious free-range pork.

Did you know that pigs can be fussy eaters?  Yes, we have some who like oranges, one who loves potatoes, and another loves broccoli.  It is difficult at times to keep up with their preferences!  All of our pigs love bananas and apples.

These are rare breed pigs, living a free-range life, being raised the way nature intended, to provide the world’s tastiest pork and bacon.

pork cuts range poster

pork cuts range poster as produced by


My answer to those who say “I don’t eat pork” …. you haven’t tasted ours… it is completely different to what is generally available in butchers and supermarkets.  Just try free-range!