Order Your Bacon

20th January 2017:  As Alfie has had a major heart attack we’ve had to cut back on pork/bacon/ham production.  It is best to call us to discuss your requirements.  

Pork is fresh pig meat.  Bacon is pork that has been cured.  Ham is pork that has been cured and comes from the hind leg of the pig.

The curing process was originally introduced as far back as Roman times to preserve the annual pig slaughter so that there would be meat available later in the year.Chart showing various Bacon Cuts

There are so many different ‘cures’ throughout the world from Parma to Prosciutto, to smoking, etc.

We use a ‘wet’ cure which means that the pork is steeped in brine, but is not injected with water.  There are no phosphates added to our bacon.  At the end of the process the pork has now become bacon.

Other terms used for bacon include gammon and ham.  These are actually cuts from the hind leg of the pig, and are usually cured in a similar way to bacon.

It is possible to even ‘home cure’,  just by rubbing salts and herbs into your pork and storing in your fridge for a time.

We sell our free-range ham and bacon in a similar way to our pork, again at a cost of just €15.00 per kg.  Our rashers are priced at €18.00 per kg.


We use a national courier to deliver our meat boxes.  Our meat is packed in insulated polystyrene boxes.

  • You can order as much, or as little as you require – just call us to let us know what you’d like included in your delivery.
  • Our meat is delivered frozen in insulated boxes.(we do not add preservatives to our meat, so freezing is the only way to preserve it).
  • There is a €10 delivery charge.
  • Orders are delivered nationwide Tuesday through to Friday.
  • We cannot guarantee time of delivery but we can give you a tracking number for your order.
  • We can only deliver products within the island of Ireland.
  • The majority of orders (subject to stock availability) are delivered within 2 working days.
  • Please supply a telephone number, should the driver need to contact you.
  • All deliveries must be signed for by the customer.


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