Free-range Ham/Bacon

Pork is fresh pig meat.  Bacon is pork that has been cured.  Ham is pork that has been cured and comes from the hind leg of the pig.

Our animals have access to the outdoors at all times, this means they get plenty of exercise, they forage and root, eating a natural diet.  To supplement their diet our pigs are also fed a selection of locally grown barley (with no gm additives), excess vegetables from a local market gardener and, seaweed, molasses and whey when we can source it.
Chart showing various Bacon Cuts

There are so many different ‘cures’ throughout the world from Parma to Prosciutto, to smoking, etc.

We use a ‘wet’ cure which means that the pork is steeped in brine, but is not injected with water.  There are no phosphates added to our bacon.  At the end of the process the pork has now become bacon.

Other terms used for bacon include gammon and ham.  These are actually cuts from the hind leg of the pig, and are usually cured in a similar way to bacon.




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