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March 2017:   Are return to ‘normal’ has been slowed down due to medical issues…we do hope to get back into production soon so please call us with any queries.

Our mission is to bring you the taste of ‘real’ Irish Pork and Bacon!  To this end we produce tasty, succulent free-range pork and bacon which we deliver directly to your door. Our pigs are fed on a completely gmo-free and organic diet which ensures clean, healthy meat.

Oldfarm Pork by Chefs

Oldfarm Pork by Chefs

Our free range pork is different, very different from that supplied in supermarkets.  Once you have tasted our delicious pork, you will certainly come back for more!

Depending on availability we will make up a box to suit your family.  We can make up a ‘box’ to your choice.  All our meat is charged at €15.00 per kilo, except for rashers which are €17.00 per kilo.  Let us know what you would like included and we will do our utmost to facilitate your choice.

Or if you prefer the element of surprise!  We can make up a small or large box with a selection of pork or bacon, – or a mix of pork and bacon  – €60 (c. 4 kg) or €120 – each box will contain a mixture of shoulder and loin chops, roasts, sausages, ribs or mince. If you have a special request, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Delivery: We use a national courier to deliver our meat boxes.  Our meat is packed in insulated boxes.

  • Our meat is delivered frozen (we do not add preservatives to our meat, so freezing is the only way to preserve it) in insulated boxes.
  • There is a €10 delivery charge.
  • Orders are delivered nationwide Tuesday through to Friday.
  • We cannot guarantee time of delivery but we can give you a tracking number for your order.
  • We can only deliver products within Ireland.
  • The majority of orders (subject to stock availability) are delivered within 2 working days.
  • Please supply a telephone number, should the driver need to contact you.
  • All deliveries must be signed for by the customer.

We produce free range gmo free outdoor reared pigs which are a Saddleback and Landrace mix.  Our latest addition is a Gloucester Old Spot. We also run pig rearing day long courses.  Our range of products includes free range pork  shoulder roasts, free range pork roast, free range pork chops, free range pork ribs, free range pork steak, free range bacon, free range ham, free range sausages. We also provide farmhouse B&B accommodation via AirBnB   Pork direct. Free range rashers.  Organic feed.



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