About Us

Free range pigs

It is with regret that after 15 years of marketing and promoting free-range pork that we have decided to close down our pork business.  It has not been a decision that we reached lightly.

We will continue to keep pigs (we do like them and enjoy their company), but we will now be concentrating on being self- sufficient, and just growing for ourselves.

We are deeply grateful to all our loyal customers who supported us over the years, and who helped us spread the word about free-range pork and bacon.

Our pig-rearing courses will continue, and, of course, we will continue with our AirBnB adventure. And, we will also continue to share recipes with you, so don’t give up on us…. we are still here.

  We produce free range gmo free outdoor reared pigs which are a Saddleback and Landrace mix.  Our latest addition is a Gloucester Old Spot. We also run pig rearing day long courses.  Our range of products includes free range pork  shoulder roasts, free range pork roast, free range pork chops, free range pork ribs, free range pork steak, free range bacon, free range ham, free range sausages. We also provide farmhouse B&B accommodation via AirBnB   Pork direct. Free range rashers.  Organic feed.   Google+ SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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