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As regular readers of this site will know in October 2016, Alfie had a heart attack.  Recovery has been slow, but he is getting there…and hopefully 1 year later (September 2017) we are through the gap!  

Just to re-interate…. WE ARE SOLD OUT OF HAMS FOR 2017!

However, we have lots of other options that might work as Christmas gifts for you and your loved ones.

  • We can do a gift voucher for any amount towards a half/full pig for delivery late 2018.
  • Pig-rearing course (€90.00) – always a popular gift.  Choose a date, or we can do a gift certificate.
  • Hand knit piggies (€12.50)…. fun item for children or adults…. great stocking filler.
  • 2018 Calendar (€10.00)…. over 20 photographs of life here at Oldfarm.  There are also a couple of our favourite recipes.
  • Bread making course (€40.00)… a 2 hour course, making 3 different types of bread.
  • Come & Stay… we can tailor your gift voucher to whatever option you’d like.

All of this has led us to re-evaluate our lives and examine how we can best continue doing something we enjoy, but with a lower stress level… and, of course, provide our loyal customers with a product they enjoy.

So the new plan is that we will ‘grow to order’.  In other words you will order a full or half pig and come October/November you will have your meat ready to pop into your freezer…. your home-grown ham ready for Christmas.

As a guide please be aware that a half pig is approx. 30 – 35 kilos in weight, and a full pig 65/70 kilos.  A half pig would fill 2 – 3 trays/drawers in an average under counter freezer.

For you the customer the cost of purchasing your meat is greatly reduced…. you will be paying just €10 per kilo.

Are you interested?  Just complete the form, and we will contact you with further details.

Our mission is still to bring you the taste of ‘real’ Irish Pork and Bacon!  As you know our pigs are fed on a completely gmo-free and organic diet which ensures clean, healthy meat.

Our free range pork is different, very different from that supplied in supermarkets.  Once you have tasted our delicious pork, you will certainly come back for more!



We produce free range gmo free outdoor reared pigs which are a Saddleback and Landrace mix.  Our latest addition is a Gloucester Old Spot. We also run pig rearing day long courses.  Our range of products includes free range pork  shoulder roasts, free range pork roast, free range pork chops, free range pork ribs, free range pork steak, free range bacon, free range ham, free range sausages. We also provide farmhouse B&B accommodation via AirBnB   Pork direct. Free range rashers.  Organic feed.








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